Moyo Lawal – I Enjoying Starring At Myself While Bathing

Feisty Nollywood actress, Moyo Lawal, is never out of circulation when it comes to being in the eye of the social media storm.Vanguard reports Lately, the Badagry-born screen diva has been so active on her Instagram page popping amoral questions, one after the other and on daily basis.

Curvy and beautiful Moyo has popped questions like: How long should a good sex last? What would happen if you and your ex are in a room for hours? Most of her focus has been about sex and relationship, to the extent, that one of her followers had to remark that the actress is obsessed with sex.

In her latest post, Moyo revealed one of the weirdest things she loves to do in private and it is while she takes her bath. “Is it weird? I really enjoy staring at myself while I take my bath. Like I dance and everything in front of my mirror while taking a bath. I even do squats sometimes.” she said.

The Tinsel star certainly loves sex and isn’t all worked up talking about it. She has said it times and times again that she would pick good sex over money if both come knocking at her door.

Moyo, who has been rather unlucky with love once, declared she needs her man to locate her sooner or she might take a plunge into doing something absolutely dramatic. What, is what we don’t know

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