Man Arrested On His Way To A Church With Loaded Firearm, Claims He Was Going To The House Of God To Go Fulfill A Prophecy

Authorities in Texas have arrested a man who was armed while on his way to a church with claims that he was going to the house of God to go ‘fulfill a prophecy’.33-year-old Tony Dwayne Albert II was arrested in Seguin, a suburb outside San Antonio, after a passerby saw the man carrying a handgun outside just before 7am on Sunday and called the police immediately.

An off-duty Seguin officer reportedly responded to the call and found Albert armed. He was arrested near where The Door Christian Church is located for possession of marijuana and possession of a firearm.

He reportedly told cops he was on his way to the church to ‘fulfill…a prophecy’Man arrested on his way to a church with loaded firearm, claims he was going to the house of God to go

According to, Albert II is not new to committing crimes. He was arrested at least six times in Harris County on various charges that date back to when he was 24 in 2009. He was convicted four times for driving while intoxication, possession of marijuana under two ounces, assaulting a family member causing bodily injuring and disarming a police officer.

It was reported that he is currently on two years probation after pleading no contest to disarming the cop.

And according to past court filings, he was associated with Messianic Judaism and the First Church of Cannabis.

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