Ella Mensah – I Hate Stingy Men, Men With Mouth Odour

Sophisticated and Chic Ghanaian Nollywood actress, Ella Mensah, would always hog attention for many reasons. If it is not for her disarming beauty, or classy style, or her talent, it will definitely be for her frankness when it comes to expressing her opinion, regarding any issue under the sun.

Ellah Mensah She was the toast of the social media on Wednesday when she celebrated her birthday with some daunting pictures that were as jaw-dropping as they were lusciously captivating. Ella got many eyes popping at her florescent skin, which lavishly put on display her gifts of Mother Nature. In her birthday message, she had just only one wish – to get a G-Wagon Mercedes Benz as a birthday gift. Alas! No Davido came calling as it did for Chioma on her birthday. No ‘Assurance’

The irrepressible Ella, who dumped journalism for the glam world of make-belief, would later speak with Potpourri on her ideal man and what turns her off in the opposite sex. “I hate stingy men,” she blurted out in the chat, and one could clearly get the message as no knight in shining armour came riding in to make her birthday wish a flying horse. “Men with mouth odour are also a total put off for me. I just can’t stand those with mouth odour. It is so irritating and repulsive. Another type of men I can’t stand are those dry and boring ones, who cannot seem to get a woman laughing out loud. I love a man that can make me laugh. If you don’t have a sense of humour don’t even bother,” she said.

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