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Rihanna buries murdered cousin in Barbados (PHOTOS)

RIHANNA broke down as she tearfully said farewell to her cousin Tavon Alleyne during a packed service in Barbados on Wednesday.
 Rihanna was comforted by family and friends at the public funeral of her cousin
 Rihanna is pictured laying flowers on her murdered cousin's grave at his funeral
The 29-year-old Umbrella singer wore all white as she bid a final farewell to her beloved 21-year-old relative, who was gunned down in the St Michael’s area of the island on Boxing Day.
Determined to remember her cousin in a positive way, the star has posted several photos saying goodbye to him on social media, and calling an end to the gun violence that claimed his life.

Among the crowd, Rihanna was seen looking tearful as she hid her eyes behind a pair of oversized white shades.
 The singer attended the ceremony dressed in all white as she bid her farewell to her loved one Rihanna has since called an end to the gun violence that claimed her 21-year-old cousins life
The tearful pop star laid a heart-shaped wreath at the grave after a service at St George Parish Church in Barbados – just a short distance from where Tavon was killed.

According to The Blast, Rihanna had shared a post sending her heartfelt goodbyes to Tavon, and wrote ahead of the ceremony: “Sleep well buddy… we are at peace knowing you’re in a better place than we are.
 The pop star shared this snap of Tavon's grave after the funeral in Barbados
 The cousins were close and Rihanna told of her devastation at his death
 Rihanna shared a number of photographs taken with her cousin
The cousins had been close, with Tavon having wished Rihanna a happy birthday in February.
She said: “I thought they were from the people over there, so I didn't run out when I heard them.

“Only when my sister called me I put two and two together – I told myself, that's Tavon."
Tanella said Tavon was heading to his girlfriend's house when he was shot, and said he would never have gone looking for trouble.

Pictures of the murder scene show yellow police tape around the back of a property and next to a parked car.
Tavon was rushed to hospital but later died from his injuries.
A 23-year-old man has since been arrested and charged with murder, according to Barbados Today.

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