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Benefits of Drinking Bitter leaf Juice and its Therapy

English name: Bitter leaf

Botanical name: Vernonia Amygdalina
Igbo name: Onugbu \ Olugbo
Its a shrub.
It is perennial.
It grows in a tropical climate.
It grows upto 5 M.
Best used for Stomach Ache.

Taste of Bitter Leaf: 

General Overview:
Bitter Leaf is an aborigine of Africa. All of its parts are utilized for medicinal purposes.
Bitter leaf is rich rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals.
Due to the presence of nutrients especially ß-carotene, it controls the synthesis of female sex hormones.
This allows women to stay young and healthy for longer duration of time.
The wood ash of Bitter leaf can be used to treat fungal infections.
It increases the appetite in Anorexia.
It is helpful in treating skin infections such as Ringworm.
It increases the milk production in Lactating mothers.
It cure the cough.
It helps in treating itching and rashes.
It detoxifies the whole body.
It is helpful in treating Hepatitis B.
It tone ups the liver and the kidney.
It provides instant relief from fatigueness.
It cures intestinal parasitic infections.
It can be used for the contraction of the uterus during labour.
It is a potent herb for sexually transmitted diseases.
It cure toothache.
It is used in pharmaceutical medicines as anti-helminthes, laxative and fertility inducers- barren women.
It helps to build up the immune system .
It is a good herb for treating the problem of Memory Loss.
It is useful for curbing Insomnia.
Bitter Leaf is a good herbal treatment for combating Cancer. It does not allow cancer to spread to the different organs of the body.
It is an effective cure for Stomach Ache and Indigestion.
It curbs the problem of Piles.
Its leaf juice is effective for treatment of Malaria.
A decoction prepared from its leaf is a good herbal remedy for treating Skin Ailments like Eczema and Rashes.

Caution : Consult a Doctor before consuming it. 

Bitter leaf for Skin Diseases
Squeeze out the juice from the bitter leaf and apply it on the effected area. Apply this juice twice a day.
Bitter Leaf for Stomach Problems
Extract the juice out of Bitter leaves and mix with small quantity of water. Consume it two times a day.
Bitter Leaf for Cough
Chew the Bitter leaves before going to bed at night. Repeat this procedure for 3 days to get cure from cough.
Bitter Leaf for Itching
Boil or squeeze the leaves of Bitter Leaf and mix it with water. Drink this liquid twice a day.
Bitter Leaf for Fatigue
Prepare juice of Bitter Leaf and add a pinch of salt to 3 tablespoons of the undiluted juice. Consuming this juice will bring instant energy in the body.
Or :
Consume a glass of Bitter Leaf juice a day to combats Fatigue.
Bitter Leaf for Cancer
Make a juice of the Bitter leaves and mix it with water. Consume daily four time a day.
Bitter Leaf for Fever
Drink a glass of extracted Bitter Leaf juice thrice a day to reduce fever.
Bitter Leaf for Diabetes
Squeeze the fresh Bitter leaf to extract out the juice. Drink it twice a day to lower the raised blood sugar levels.
Bitter Leaf for Eczema
Apply the extracted juice of Bitter Leaf over the affected area to treat Eczema.
Bitter Leaf for Skin Rashes
Prepare a juice from Bitter Leaf. Apply this juice as a paste on your skin to reduce Skin Rashes.
Bitter Leaf for Ringworm
Squeeze out the juice from the Bitter leaf. Apply a thin layer of this juice on your affected area. Repeat it once a day.
Bitter Leaf for Ascaris
Boil the washed roots and stems of Bitter Leaf in 250 ml of water. Strain it off. Drink this infusion on an empty stomach to expel out the worms.
Bitter Leaf for Malaria
Boil some fresh Bitter leaves in 100 ml of water for 5 to 10 minutes. Strain it off. Drink this decoction daily to get rid of Malaria.
Bitter Leaf for Menopause
Take some fresh Bitter Leaves to extract out the juice. Add 1 to 2 tablespoons of Honey ( Shehad ) for taste. Drink this juice every morning to relieve Menopause symptoms.
Bitter Leaf for Gingivitis
Chew some fresh Bitter leaves to get rid of Gingivitis.
Bitter Leaf for Wounds
Take 5 to 6 Bitter leaves and squeeze out the juice. Drop it over the bleeding area. It stops the bleeding and heals Wounds completely.

Side Effects, Risk Factors of, and Cautions for Bitter Leaf
Avoid its use during pregnancy.

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  1. I can testify to most of the cures stated here. It really works. Probably my gavorite herbal medicine.