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Referee gives linesman red card (PHOTOS)

An assistant referee was given his marching orders by the man in the middle last weekend after halting the game in the most disgusting manner.
Andrew McWilliam was tasked with running the line during the Scottish Premiership showdown between Kilmarnock and Dundee on Saturday when things took a turn for the worst.
The poor guy stood next to Killie midfielder Jordan Jones as he lined up to take a corner kick early in the first half but halted play before turning away from the pitch clutching his stomach.

Just seconds later, McWilliam spewed next to the advertising hoardings, much to the amusement of fans inside Rugby Park.
Spotting the commotion, referee Craig Thomson jogged over to check if his colleague was alright – but in a hilarious twist the veteran official pulled out a red card.

And just as the woozy whistler thought things couldn’t get any worse, he was hilariously shown a red card by ref Thomson.
Players from both sides burst into hysterics before play eventually continued a few minutes later.
After a three-minute delay McWilliam managed to compose himself and saw out the rest of the game as Dundee secured a 1-0 win in the relegation battle.

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