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Paul Pogba loses Dad

Paul Pogba's father Fassou has passed away on Friday aged 79.
Paul Pogba posted this photo of himself alongside his father Fassou back in March
Fassou Antoine Pogba was battling illness before his death and the Pogba family confirmed the sad news to Le Parisien.

Fassou left his native Guinea at the age of 30 to move to Paris in France - the country his son Paul chose to represent at international level.
His other two sons, twin brothers Florentin and Mathias, opted instead to play for Fassou's country of birth Guinea.
Florentin (left), Fassou (centre) and Mathias (right) supporting Paul Pogba at Euro 2016

Fassou was spotted in the stands at Euro 2016 in France, supporting Paul playing for Les Bleus against Switzerland with Florentin and Mathias standing beside him.

In March Manchester United midfielder Paul posted on Instagram to celebrate his father's birthday - captioning the post 'Happy birthday dear Dad, I feel blessed to be your son #pogdaddy #fighter #pogbance.'
Fassou arrived in Paris penniless before carving out a living by working in telecommunications.

His own football career began in Guinea before he continued to play in France and he later went on to coach his three sons as well as the local children in Roissy-en-Brie.

'I played at a level that was lower than the one I wanted to play at,' Fassou told The Telegraph in 2016.

'I wanted my boys to play at the highest possible level. I was really hard on them when they were kids and that meant that they learned quickly.

'It got to the point where I was coaching other kids so they could give Paul a game when he was four, five, six years old. I was trying to bring them up to his level.'

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