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India Narcotics Control Bureau arrest Nigerian man trying to smuggle 200grams of cocaine (PHOTOS)

Officials of the Narcotics Control Bureau have arrested a 35-year-old Nigerian national while he was allegedly trying to smuggle 200 grams of cocaine in the Rajadhani express from New Delhi to Bengaluru on Thursday, April 27.
Based on a tip-off, a team of officials boarded the train after it reached Secunderabad and caught Larry 'Frank' Onyedikachi.
The cost of the seized drugs in the international market is estimated to be around 1 crore, a senior official said.
Inquiries revealed that Larry was working as a courier in the drug racket and collected the contraband from his contact in Delhi and travelling to Bengaluru to hand it over to his associate.
The officials are further investigating to ascertain the details of his inter-State contacts.
Larry had come to India on a business visa in 2012 but overstayed even after his visa expired. He continued to live in Chander Vihar in New Delhi and had been carrying forged travel documents, the official added.

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