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After dating for 15years, couple release touchy pre-wedding photos and message (PHOTOS)

They have been together for a decade and five years!

Yipeeeee,Stella I'm so excited, I'm finally Going to settle down wit my best friend. Been dating for close to 15 years,yea u heard me right. Met her on my birthday 7th September 2002,knew she was a birthday gift, 2 years later I lost my mum on the 10th of January 2004,her last wish was for me to marry for her as her only child but I wasn't thru with school then so I refused, her death was d beginning of my life's long suffering journey, but my birthday gift Chidiebube Kanu stayed with me all through these years, I must confess it was tough, there were times she had to smuggle food from their house just so I could eat, I couldn't even get a candy for her birthday for several years on a row, but she never stopped believing in me, she saw what everybody else didn't see in me.

15 years later I will be walking down the aisle with her. The story plenty but that's a summary. Please just help me celebrate her. Thanks love....

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