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"You can't compare emojis and haircuts to football"- Paul Pogba hits out at N'Golo Kante comparisons

Manchester United's Paul Pogba has hit out at critics comparing him with Chelsea midfielder N'Golo Kante.
Paul Pogba and N'Golo Kante will do battle with each other on Sunday at Old Trafford
While Chelsea are favourites to become Premier League champions thanks largely to Kante, United sit outside the top four and Pogba, who signed for United in a world-record £89million deal, has had to deal with criticism on his return to England.
The comparisons will only continue when Kante and his Chelsea team-mates travel to Old Trafford on Sunday afternoon.
However, Pogba has hit back by claiming that his France team-mate, who cost £32m, 'doesn't score many goals'.

Pogba told Sky Sports: 'I've heard Kante is a top, top midfielder, which I agree with. He is a top-class midfielder for what he does. But he doesn't score many goals, does he? They don't speak about this.
'They speak about what he does on the pitch. He gets the ball, he passes the ball and he makes the game. Me, I try to do this.
'I score more goals than Kante but they still say Kante does this and does that. If you want to speak about scoring goals, you should judge every midfielder the same way.
'They only speak about the transfer and about the money. I wanted to say, in real life for a normal person, nobody can be worth £100m.'
And Pogba has defended his transfer fee, by claiming that he cost a lot of money due to being in a generation that pays over the odds for players.
The 24-year-old also defended his social media presence and the regularity with which he alters his appearance, and insists that critics shouldn't confuse his off-the-field antics with what he does on it.
He added: 'But if you go back years ago to Neymar, Gareth Bale, it was crazy. It is just the time, the generation is different. They put more money in but in a normal life you cannot say a player is worth £100m or £80m.
'In the football world it happens and now it's done, it is finished. The transfer is done, we cannot talk about this anymore. We have to focus on the pitch and speak about football.
'If they want to talk about me, that's fine. There's no problem with that but they cannot compare emojis and haircuts with football. What is on the pitch and what is outside the pitch, we don't mix these.
'That's why we love football, it's not about the money or about the hairstyle or the dancing. We want to see beautiful goals, great tackles, fair play and all this stuff.'

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