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Female Brazilian match referee kit, turns heads (PHOTOS)

With a ref like this, There will be more throw-ins than attempts on goal in any match...
She was photographed running the line during the Sunday League match between Desire and Sporting
A Brazilian model swapped the catwalk for the touchline and set fans' pulses racing when she officiated a match - wearing a tight T-shirt and no bra.
Stunning Denise Bueno, who has 33,000 followers on Instagram, was the lineswoman during a match between Desire and Sporting in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Denise Bueno (pictured) took a sip of water during the match - but it ended up spilling onto her tight T-shirt 
During the amateur game, the model took a sip of water from a bottle - only for it to spill down onto her white top.
She could be seen running down her half of the pitch as she kept up with the speed of play - and used the flag to signal for a throw in.
Fans and players could barely keep their eyes off Ms Bueno as she helped officiate the matchThe model was wearing knee length yellow football socks and black shorts for the game.
Before the match, she posed with the other officials who were in charge of the amateur match
Before the match she posed for a photograph with both sides - with some players unable to keep their eyes off of her.

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